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Gow Langsford Gallery

Gow Langsford Gallery


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Gow Langsford Gallery

Gow Langsford Gallery is in two  locations, both in Auckland City.
T: + 64 9 303 4290  F: + 64 9 303 4302
Gallery Hours:  Monday - Friday: 10-6pm, Saturday: 10-4pm, Closed Sundays and Public holidays
For any urgent enquiries outside of our usual business hours, please contact Gary Langsford or John Gow.

Gow Langsford was set up by Gary Langsford and John Gow in 1987. Now in two locations, Gow Langsford has developed into one of New Zealand's most influential dealer galleries, having mounted some 300 exhibitions over the past two decades. Gow Langsford is a commercial art space committed to fostering and promoting the best contemporary art from New Zealand and abroad. The gallery consistently strives to provide a forum through which its artists may be exposed to local, national and international audiences. This includes a regular and varied exhibition schedule as well as frequent participation at major international art events.  In 2011 Gow Langsford launched a new space dedicated to editions and multiples now permanently housed in the back viewing space at the Kitchener St Gallery.

In recent years, the gallery has focussed its programme on the tenets of painting and sculpture, staging exhibitions which explore both mediums from diverse perspectives. Intervention projects by artists Katharina Grosse (DE) and Judy Millar (NZ) distinguish the gallerys painting programme, whilst sculpture by Bernar Venet (FR), Tony Cragg (UK) and Tim Hawkinson (US) affirm the gallerys commitment to varied and ambitious sculpture.  The gallery is also committed to exhibiting the work of early career artists with interdisciplinary practices; painting and prints by James Cousins (NZ), the photography and video of Anthony Goicolea (US), the painting and installation of Sara Hughes (NZ), and the painterly, yet mechanical practice of Simon Ingram (NZ). 

Curated exhibitions form a strong part of the exhibition schedules and provide the opportunity to work closely with artists outside of the regular programme.  Exhibitions featuring practitioners such as Eberhard Havekost (DE), Feng Zhengjie (CN) and Damien Hirst (UK) enable the gallery to extend and contextualise the local dialogue.

The gallery avidly supports the growth and development of the contemporary Maori and Pacific visual arts, recognising that their uniqueness is essential to the identity of New Zealand art, particularly within an international context. The work of  John Pule and Darryn George is regularly exhibited at the gallery and at international art fairs such as the Melbourne Art Fair 2009.

Gow Langsford is also a market leader in works on the secondary market. Works are available by artists such as Colin McCahon, Ralph Hotere, Michael Parekowhai, Andy Warhol and Jeff Koons. Featured works from the secondary market can be viewed both at the Gallery, or in our online stockroom which is regularly updated.

Gow Langsford is a member of the New Zealand Contemporary Art Dealers Association and located in Auckland City.